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Unique 6t9 products work upside down

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BOX OF 12 – CRYSTAL – Silicone Shine

  • 500ml Silicone polish spray can
  • 360 valve works upside down so you can get every bit out of the can
  • No more frustration when the can is almost empty. 6t9 sprays full power to the end
  • Waterproofs, stops squeaks and prevents parts sticking
  • Brings surfaces back to as new finish
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Product Description

Unique 360 degree 6t9 valve works upside down

A top quality silicone lubricant, polish and protective spray suitable for numerous uses including lubricating cycle suspension and dressing plastics.

This is as good as the best out there, so we are still working on bringing you something better. 

Keep using this until we break another mold.

The 360 degree valve allows you to use CRYSTAL no matter which way up you hold it. No longer will you get a reduced spray from your can when the level gets low in the can. The unique 360 6t9 valve works upside down so you can get the last bit out of the 500ml spray can.

Also, you can get to every part of your bike, even getting underneath it whilst it is still on the ground!

To get your bike back to showroom shine, simply spray from approx. 20cm away in even strokes, and wipe away any excess with a cloth.

That’s it! Simple!

No complicated application methods.

CRYSTAL just works, quickly and effectively.

Additional Information

CRYSTAL - Silicone Shine


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